Peaceful Passings is a home-based animal rescue, located in Fluvanna County in Central Virginia. Our animals are housed on our 10 acres of property, with a only a few in foster homes at any one time. Our mission is to save senior animals. Our vision is a world where no animal has to be euthanized because of age or medical challenge, when a quality of life remains.

About the Founder, Jacqueline A. Meyers, Ph.D.

I consider my work with animals to be a calling. I believe our choices in life are driven by who we are; what we need to do to feel complete. In that respect, my choice to work with animals is driven by a need to advocate for a "voiceless" population, our animal companions. It is a personal and spiritual mission to serve the animals that have graciously chosen to share their lives with me. I have been a human companion to animals for over forty years. I am a person who cares deeply for the well being of all animals, and has found a special calling to work with senior and hospice animals. The insight that I bring to the mission of animal service has been acquired over time and can be learned by anyone with the desire to do so.


How I can help

I am available to you by e-mail and phone. I have shared my life with senior and dying animals and found the experience to bring great peace and sense of satisfaction. I have developed this website to offer information, suggestions, and support to those who find themselves with an aging pet. Please contact me! There is no charge - we will never earn money from your grief, loss,  or distress.

        Jackie Meyers, PhD
        2856 Cloverdale Road,
        Bremo Bluff, Virginia 23022
        (434) 842-3287

How you can help

You can make a difference. Your contribution will allow this vital work to continue. If you find my website helpful, or if you would like to help me in my work, consider making a donation. Send a check to the address above, or use the PayPal button on the home page. Thank you for supporting senior animals.

Please Note: Information and advice on this website is based on my experience and beliefs. I am not a veterinarian, and cannot be held liable for any use you make of this information. I urge you to combine what you find here with your own common sense, and pursue medical issues with your veterinarian.