Peaceful Passings Senior Animal Rescue is a specialized rescue that serves senior, hospice, and special need animals in a way that most rescues do not. 

  • We accept broken bodies and make them healthy again, regardless of the cost.
  • We take broken spirits and make them whole, after years of trauma, neglect, and abuse. 
  • We work with the scared and the mistrustful, and show them that there are humans who do care, and we help them heal emotionally.
  • We look at the heart and work from the heart. We don't focus on what is going "wrong", we focus on what is going right. We look past scars, imperfections, age, deformities, and limitations. 
  • We give second chances to animals that had little hope of survival and would no longer be with us if we did not step up and advocate on their behalf, accepting them into our rescue.
  • Most of all, they will never be unwanted again. We will make every effort to re-home a senior animal, but if never adopted, they will remain with us if necessary, for the duration of their healthful lives. They will live as part of our family and know that they will never be unwanted again.