Buy Retaining Wall Blocks in Tacoma

Buy Retaining Wall Blocks in Tacoma

Retaining walls Tacoma possess a lot of efficient and aesthetic functions. They are a good method to enhance your home’s value, durable and long-lasting, deemed earth-friendly and can be built in a broad array of designs. Whether you want to create a gabion wall which is a stone-filled mesh fit to shape or perhaps a dry stack wall made from stones without mortar so that they can be moved, the options are endless. They also are easy to keep up once you have constructed them properly.

What is the best block for a retaining wall?

There is a wide selection of concrete block types that can be used in the construction of retaining walls. Ecological blocks, or econblocks, are precast modular concrete blocks that provide sustainable solutions for a multitude of applications. They are produced from surplus and recycled concrete, and they use specific concrete mix designs that deliver environmental and economic benefits. Custom Retaining Wall Blocks Tacoma are often utilized for building retaining walls, material bins, separation of property, tie-downs for large tents, bases for hoop or fabric buildings, and much more.

The cost to build a retaining wall depends on the materials and construction type chosen. The average cost to build a boulder, railroad tie, poured concrete, or interlocking block wall is $25-$40 per square foot (face foot). This does not include the labor cost, which can vary significantly depending on your geographic location and complexity of the project. A properly constructed retaining wall with proper drainage is important to prevent soil erosion.

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