Email Address Verifier & Finder

Email Address Verifier & Finder

email address verifier & finder is an essential tool for any business that relies on email marketing or cold outreach. Verifying your list helps you send your messages to valid addresses and boosts your deliverability rates and reputation scores.

Find & Verify Email Addresses with Our User-Friendly Tool

Besides checking the email format and syntax, an email verification service uses several methods to ensure that the email address is valid and active. Some of these methods include MX record check and pinging the exact email address to see if it exists on the server and is active. Other methods like syncing with your email provider to run daily automatic cleaning, or integration with your website or business systems via custom API or JavaScript are also possible.

Some of these services also use a database to store and update information on the emails that you check, so you can always access up-to-date data. The best email verifier tools also provide different pricing options and a free trial to test them out.

One of the most popular email verification services is ZeroBounce, which offers a basic email validation tool for free and a premium version that provides more features and advanced data cleanup. It is used by more than 300,000 customers worldwide, including businesses of all sizes, who rely on email to reach their audiences and convert leads into sales.

Another great email verification tool is Wiza, which is integrated into LinkedIn Sales Navigator and scrapes lead data from LinkedIn profiles to verify the email addresses. It then flags duplicate emails and automatically removes them from your lists, which saves you time on data entry and reduces the likelihood of sending your messages to the same person twice. It also identifies universal receiver, or catch-all, accounts that collect all emails sent to the domain and helps you separate them from individual contacts.

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