Hood Cleaning For Commercial Kitchens

Hood Cleaning For Commercial Kitchens

Hood Cleaning is the process of removing grease and other contaminants from a commercial kitchen exhaust system, including the hood, filters, and ductwork. Professional hood cleaners have the experience, tools, and knowledge to clean your exhaust system properly and safely.

Regular hood cleaning is essential for restaurant compliance, improving ventilation, and preventing fires. Failing to maintain your hood can result in costly fines and even closure. A dirty hood also collects dirt and oil which can lead to health concerns for employees. It’s important to choose a service that is certified by the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA) to perform NFPA 96 inspections and that follows all hood cleaning guidelines.

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Typically, a professional hood cleaning service will start by turning off the power to the hood and exhaust fan. They will then disconnect the wiring and loosen the screws and bolts that secure the fan assembly to the hood. The technicians then dismantle the exhaust fan, cleaning all parts of it, including the motor, housing, fan blades, and blower.

After the hood and exhaust fan are cleaned, they will reinstall and reconnect all components. They will then wipe down the hood surfaces and remove and clean the filters. The hood and filter surfaces are then wiped down with disposable towels or rags to remove any loosened grease. The hood and filters are then dried thoroughly before being reinstalled. The technician will then apply a sticker to the hood, keeping it up to code and showing inspectors, health department officials, and your insurance company that the hood was recently cleaned.

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