What Is a Triple Offset Valve?

triple offset valve

Triple Offset valve (TOV) is a specialized type of butterfly valve designed to meet the needs of specific systems. They are a good choice for systems that have to cope with harsh chemicals or mediums with small particles that tend to clog regular butterfly valves and pipes. This is because TOVs provide a superior seal that prevents the valve from getting clogged. Source:https://www.shiphamvalves.com/solution-category/triple-offset-butterfly-valves/

They also offer excellent performance and reliability across a range of critical and severe applications. These features make TOVs an ideal choice for power generation facilities, petroleum refineries, and chemical plants dealing with harsh chemical solutions. They can handle a wide range of temperatures and are strong enough to withstand high-pressure levels without leaking.

Comparing Triple Offset Valves: Making Informed Choices for Your Industry

Unlike a traditional butterfly valve, which works with a turn of the lever to open and close, TOVs work like a globe valve where the disc moves a bit like a cone moving up and down to form a tight seal. This angled alignment makes it impossible for the seat and seal to come in contact with each other and ensures there is no friction when the valve opens or closes.

This friction-free stroking allows for the use of lower torque actuators making it easier to automate these valves. In addition, they are a firesafe solution that meets the requirements of most critical and severe applications. They also have a long lifespan and can be easily cleaned and maintained. These factors also make them more cost-effective than other types of valves such as gate, ball or plug valves.