Founder of Peaceful Passings – Mary Kennedy

veterinary doctor job description

Hi, I’m Mary Kennedy, founder of Peaceful Passings and expert in veterinary medicine. Aside from being knowledgeable in a wide range of medical science, she must also have experience in handling medical equipment, performing anesthesia procedures, and determining the best treatment for animals. Moreover, she must have excellent communication skills to deal with both animal owners and the general public. She must also be patient and possess excellent problem-solving skills. A veterinarian must also be able to speak the local language.

The veterinarian’s job description includes treating and diagnosing diseases and injuries in livestock and domestic animals. She may also carry out research to improve knowledge of specific diseases. Additionally, he or she may also perform administrative tasks, including scheduling appointments, collecting payments from clients, and maintaining business records. Veterinary doctors may specialize in a particular species of animal or in a certain type of treatment.

A veterinary doctor may also have various job titles. She can be a Veterinary Trainee, an entry-level role where a student works during semester breaks, or a graduate after completing a degree. In some states, he or she can also work as a Junior Veterinary Surgeon, in which case he or she provides surgical care to animal patients. Moreover, a veterinary doctor may also hold a position as a Livestock Development Officer, which is offered by the State Public Service Commission.