Women’s Activewear

Women’s Activewear

Women’s’ activewear is clothing that’s both comfortable and stylish, ideal for working out or other activities. It comes in a range of fabrics that are designed for movement, including polyester and spandex. It also has a variety of colors and patterns.

How can plus-size look attractive?

A few of our favorite women’s’ activewear brands include 90 Degree by Reflex, Spanx, and Zella. All of these brands offer high-quality, affordable options for working out in style.

Year of Ours: This LA-based brand creates edgy workout gear that’s sure to be coveted. Their eye-catching leggings and sports bras are crafted with intricate lacing, sweat-wicking fabric, and colorful hues you won’t find at standard gym hubs.

FP Movement: Free People’s active line is made for a wide range of activities, from running to yoga and hiking. Their leggings and matching bras come in a range of fabrics, from Sculptflex to Luxform, to keep you cool and comfortable.

Zella: The Nordstrom brand offers a mix of fitness brands, but its own label is a go-to for no-frills activewear. They offer sweatshirts, joggers, shorts, zip-ups, and sports bras in a wide range of prints and colors, plus plus-size options.

Glyder: From day one, this brand has been focused on cultivating a community of women who see a boundary and break through it. Its line of activewear is perfect for a wide range of outdoor activities, from hiking to running and even skiing.

The market for women’s’ activewear is fueled by numerous factors, including health consciousness and sports & fitness enthusiasm among female consumers. Increased participation in sporting activities and rise in disposable income also drive the market. In addition, the extensive advantages provided by activewear, such as breathability, quick drying, thermal resistance, and chemical resistance are expected to drive market growth.

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