Reproduction Screen Doors Push Bar

Reproduction Screen Doors Push Bar

reproduction screen doors push bar

The reproduction screen doors push bar (also known as a crash bar) is an inexpensive way to protect your screen doors from wear and tear by keeping customers from pushing on the unlatched screen. The simplest designs are vertically rectangular and mounted on an unlatched, spring-loaded screen door. These tin and porcelain enamel signs often had messages on them like “Push,” “Come In,” or “Come Again.” They saved the wear and tear of opening and closing a screen door over and over again, making them valuable assets for country stores, diners, and other businesses that depended on local businesses to keep their doors open.

If you love the look of your old-fashioned screen door but want to make it easier and safer for kids, elderly relatives, or people with physical limitations to get through, this simple solution is just what you need. It installs easily with a screwdriver and is made from vinyl bars and plastic brackets that are white in color.

LARSON 32-in x 80-in Classic Combination Storm and Screen Door

This is our most popular screen door latch, crafted from solid brass with a classic ball-tip design to complement any style of home from Colonial Revival to Mid-Century Modern. With a sturdy, enclosed spring and a choice of 7 traditional finishes, this period-perfect hinge offers a durable and reliable closing action for your screen door. It is also reversible for right or left-hand doors.

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