Intelligent Merchandising – A Combination of Art and Science

Intelligent Merchandising – A Combination of Art and Science

intelligent merchandising

In today’s fast-paced retail environment where shoppers spend less and less time online, online stores need to offer a seamless shopping experience that captures their attention long enough to successfully complete a sale. Intelligent merchandising, a combination of art and science, is the key to doing just that.

Manual intelligent merchandising erchandising is not only time-consuming and inefficient, it also results in product assortments that may not be aligned with consumer expectations or business goals. But with AI, buyers and merchandisers can focus on executing their strategies more effectively while improving the customer experience and driving stronger sales.

Personalization Perfection: Crafting Unique Customer Experiences with Intelligent Merchandising

The best e-commerce companies use data to understand their customers and deliver highly relevant, personalized experiences. By leveraging intelligent merchandising, they prioritize real-time user insights, browsing behaviors and intent, as well as past product search history. This information can then be used to group, describe and structure a site’s inventory, as well as plan and recommend products through controlled search results and dynamic merchandising.

Retailers that have embraced intelligent merchandising can automatically optimise product assortments, improve conversion rates, increase average order values (AOV) and deliver the personalised shopping experiences consumers increasingly demand. But for this to happen, they need a single version of the truth that supports a collaborative planning process across teams. To do this, retailers need to utilise an intelligent merchandising solution that can support a central planning system by default and generate AI-driven insights to discover new opportunities or spot (and stop) promotions before they run out of steam.

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