Mental Health Benefits of Online Games

Mental Health Benefits of Online Games

Online Games are played through browsers on computers or mobile phones and provide a fun distraction for people from all walks of life. They help occupy time and can be more affordable than physical games that require a gaming console or expensive computer hardware. They also allow players to connect with friends and strangers from all over the world in a safe, online environment that can encourage compassion and friendship. Some games (like Words With Friends) even allow gamers to establish clubs, fostering deeper connections and a sense of community. More info

Virtual Reality Ventures: Immersive Experiences in Online Gaming

In a game environment, players are on the same playing field, which can foster a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. Players can offer each other tips and encouragement, learn from their mistakes, and celebrate successes. They can also develop skills in complex problem-solving, leadership, and observation. Developing these skills in a virtual world can transfer to real-life, and can help reduce stress.

Many people play video games to decompress, or because they are a form of imaginative play that helps improve attention and concentration. Research shows that there are a range of other mental health benefits, including improved communication and social skills. One study, conducted by researchers at Edge Hill University and the University of York, found that those who play massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) have a stronger sense of social identity than non-gamers. The researchers speculate that this is because MMOs require a more interactive social experience than traditional games, which are usually played in isolation.

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