Design Your Own Garden Room

Design Your Own Garden Room

A Garden room, or garden house, can be almost anything you wish: a fully-equipped home office, studio, zen yoga retreat, guest room, hot tub cabin, gym, playroom for children, bar, home cinema or simply a relaxing retreat. The options are endless, and often a far more cost-effective solution than extending your house.

How do you make a simple garden?

A plethora of design firms offer bespoke garden buildings that are custom built to your specification, but there is also a huge choice of pre-fabricated options. This curved garden building from Tormar is a prime example, with its organic flowing form offering a stunning architectural presence and exceptional acoustic qualities.

The pandemic has brought with it a new wave of people working from home, and the trend for garden offices has boomed. The streamlined timber Melton Pod by Tormar starts at PS10,000 plus VAT, and is perfect for a small, light-filled office or relaxation space. Its apex window at one end floods the interior with natural light, and if you wish it can be fitted out as a dining room or living area.

Decorate your garden room with rugs and tables to make it feel like an extension of your house, and add planters full of herbs and flowers. Baskets hung on walls and shelves can add interest, as well as storing gardening tools, and antique pieces such as copper watering cans can be repurposed for a quirky touch. Create a transition between the garden and the building by designing an attractive pathway with a focal point, or a series of curving pathways that will entice visitors to meander through your garden.

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