The Role of Temporary Workers in France

The Role of Temporary Workers in France

The French labour market is characterized by a significant number of temporary workers. They account for the majority of the workforce in some sectors. This article presents a historical account of the contested growth of the temporary employment agency sector within a specific politico-institutional environment and despite significant opposition from trade unions, cultural and political actors and public opinion. It uses a variegated capitalism conceptual framework to explain how large agencies were able to build a distinctive sector and regulatory environment in the face of widespread, fragmented opposition. This link

In France, employees employed on a fixed-term contract (Contrat d’emploi de durée déterminée or CDD) are less likely to be trained than their colleagues with a permanent contract. Moreover, they are fewer likely to be given an opportunity to advance in their position and to move to another company. This article explores the reasons for these facts, and highlights the impact on the job satisfaction and training of people employed in this type of work.

Temporary Work and Job Security: Debunking Myths and Misconceptions

Depending on the situation, it is possible to obtain a visa for family members of an employee working in France on a work permit or residence permit for a “Temporary worker” (“Contrat d’emploi temporaire” or CT). Usually, the procedure involves filling out the request form, submitting it and paying any fees. In some cases, the processing time of a visa extension or renewal application may take several weeks or even months. It is therefore important to prepare the request as early as possible and to keep the French representative informed of any changes in the employee’s status.

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