Toronto Pearson Airport Taxis

Toronto Pearson Airport Taxis

Toronto Pearson Airport taxi (or simply YYZ) is Canada’s biggest and busiest airport, handling over 50 million passengers a year. Located in Mississauga, it serves as the primary gateway to Toronto and many other cities across the country and the world. The quickest and easiest way to get to your hotel from the airport is by taxi, but it’s important to book in advance to avoid being overcharged.

Taxis at YYZ are equipped with meters to calculate the fare and have radios that allow them to take dispatcher calls. Before stepping into any vehicle, be sure to look for these things and make sure the driver has an ID badge. It’s also best to pay with small bills, as this will reduce the likelihood of getting the wrong change. Finally, it’s important to remember that all reputable taxi services will display their company phone number on the front of their vehicles. If you see one that doesn’t, it could be a sign of a scam.

Flying in Style: Choosing the Right Toronto Pearson Airport Taxi

In addition to taxis, a variety of other transportation options are available for those who prefer to explore the city at their own pace. The GO Transit regional train and bus network is a great option for those who want to travel beyond the downtown core, while the Union Pearson Express air-rail link offers a quick and easy ride between the airport and downtown. In addition, visitors can use street cars and free porter shuttles to reach the downtown area.

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